Tuesday, October 7, 2014


No I am still not talking about the fact Ole Miss beat Bama on Saturday.   Something almost as exciting happened this week.  I paid off my student loans.  It is so exciting though it does make me feel old too.   Since the amount for my student loans is in my monthly budget for the whole year I decided I get to blow the amount for the remaining two months on something fun for me.  Now it is just a matter of deciding what I want to spend it on.  I have it narrowed it down to three things.





I am determined that the only thing that goes for the house is a new TV for my living room.  Yes it was so tempting to add a Kitchenaid mixer to the list but I don't have anywhere for it to be stored.
It is so hard to decide which one I want more.  But I am waiting until November until I go to purchase what I decide on.

Monday, October 6, 2014

October Goals

Yes I am late coming up with my goals for the month of October.  September went okay.  I didn't hit the goal of eating fruit everyday I lost control of that one once I went to New Orleans at the middle of the month.  And I didn't hit the gym three days of week once I dropped the Jeep off for repairs because I decided not to go back for the gym card I left on the key chain.  But I did do three videos a week to replace those workouts.  

October Goals

**  Hit the gym 3 days a week.

**  Three morning workouts a week.

**  Eat more fruits and vegetables.

**  Three arm workouts a week.  

** Finish two cross stitch projects.

** Start making Christmas ornaments.

What did y'all come up with for goals this month?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

It Isn't A Dream

I haven't stopped smiling since the time clock on the Ole Miss and Bama game hit 0:00 and the final score on the board was 23-17.  Yes my Rebels beat the topped ranked team in the nation.  
I did have to check and make sure it wasn't a dream this morning.  Thanks to the Commercial Appeal for confirming it.

Not only did we beat Bama but we hosted ESPN Game day for the first time ever.  Don't the guys look cute in their bow ties?  But why didn't someone tell Lee that seersucker is for summer and not to wear it in October (1).

The fans got really excited and both goal posts came down and went on a tour of The Grove and The Square.  There is a video out there of someone surfing on a piece through The Grove (2).

There they go to The Square.  I worked that that Abner's they are going by at four corners.  And across the street is the Chevron station with the famous chicken on the stick (3).

We are truly blessed that we have such an amazing AD with a sense of humor now.   He is also asking those who helped take them down donate some to help with the fines and replacement.  

I don't know about the rest of the Rebel family but I was on pins and needles waiting on the standings to come out today.  Well worth the wait we are ranked #3 in the nation.  

Image Credits ( 1 / 2 / 3 )

Thursday, September 25, 2014


One of my cousins is getting married in November.  He is a Bama alum and didn't look at the schedule when the date was picked because they are getting married on the day Bama plays LSU.  Thankfully we play a small school team that probably won't be on TV.  He will be in a world of trouble if the ceremony is scheduled during game time.
I am trying to figure out something to wear to the wedding and have decided to buy something new instead of pushing myself to be able to shop in my own closet (yes I probably should be pushing).  I have decided to finally give Modcloth a try.  Has anyone ordered from them?

A few I like but can't decide on.

This one comes in black too and would make a great little black dress.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Soccer Season

I got a text from S Saturday morning letting me know G-man had his first soccer game.

G-man and his pal N being told something by the coach. Probably to watch the ball and play the game. They were more interested in goofing off together.  

They both play when they get separated. The coaches forgot that at first Saturday morning.  
I am not gonna lie they are so cute at this age playing. They get confused as to which is their goal and the fact only the goalie touches the ball.  

The big brothers chilling with snow comes.  H said he was thirsty so we went for a drink and he saw the snow cone machine. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Mini Vacation

Last week I met up with my grandmother, parents and brother in New Orleans for a couple of days.  Out main goal was to see the World War II museum. 

We stayed at The Blake Hotel.  It was perfect for what we needed in walking distance and for catching the streetcar.  Right after we arrived someone came along and posted this no parking sign due to filming.  The guy in the background is my little brother.  

I realized when I got home I only took two pictures.  I was to busy reading the map to get around and enjoying what I was seeing.  At least that is what I am saying so I don't feel like I was being lazy by not pulling out my camera or phone. 

I got one picture at the museum (there are signs that say not to take them).  This is a 1942 Harley Davidson.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Motivation Monday

This one seemed fitting after all the driving I did last week for a trip to New Orleans.